Zoeller & Born

The Westerwald area is renowned for the quality of its substantial  clay deposits, its extensive forests and its reservoir of highly  qualified potters. For many hundreds of years these factors have contributed towards the production of valuable stoneware products which have brought fame and prestige to the area for centuries.

The family owned company Zöller & Born was founded in 1956 by Alois Zöller and Werner Born. To follow up the long tradition in the Westerwald area the company started production of beer  steins of high quality which are created with great care of genuine stoneware.
The complete development of new models is realized by highly talented designer  artists employed with the company.
All relief steins, the specialty of Zöller & Born, are hand painted and have a valuable pewter lid to make them attractive collector’s items.

A stein handpainted

Made in Germany is an obligation to Zoeller & Born and they guarantee to make beer steins of the best quality.

Beer Steins by Zöller&Born
Beer Steins by Zoeller&Born