Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider is one of the oldest clock makers from the Black Forest, founded in 1848 in a farm house in Schonach the heart of the cuckoo clock making industry. The company is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at the current location since 1952.

Anton-Schneider - the factory building
The factory building – Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider combines over a century of experience with good ideas and ingenuity, and makes special cuckoo clocks. Anton Schneider has a worldwide reputation for quality, tradition and beautiful cuckoo clocks.

8TMT 544_9 (3)
Edelweiß clock front
8TMT 544_9 (5)
Edelweiß clock side
8TMT 544_9 (4)
Edelweiß clock top

The limited edition Bahnhäusle with Edelweiß (only available in Heidi & Peters Ladl) or the hand carved butterfly cuckoo clock with moving butterflies.

Anton Schneider is naturally a member of the VDS (the Black Forest Clock Maker’s Association)