About us

Heidi & Peter are the people behind the business.

Heidi a native from Passau Germany worked for many years in sales helping to get business projects off of the ground. In 2011 she decided to do what she could best and started her own company. Heidi is from a family of artist, her father an instrument builder who’s passion was building pianos, violins and accordions, her sister Edeltraud Reiter a doll maker. Thanks to her family Heidi has a heart and an eye for the beautiful, the special and unique. All of the articles in the store have to pass Heidi’s approval.

Peter a native English speaker from the UK, in Germany since 1989 worked for many years for a large car manufacturer in Munich watching over the shipping of engines and car parts in the USA and around the world. Now he is happy to watch over the world wide shipping of the most wonderful German cuckoo clocks, beer steins and Christmas articles Made in Germany.

Together with other family members, sales and shipping team in Passau we strive to offer the highest standard of customer service.