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A small selection of our clocks:

We have one of the finest selection of cuckoo clocks in Germany. Our German cuckoo clock makers are from the heart of the clock making industry in Schonach, Triberg and Schönwald, they are Hubert Herr since 1850, August Schwer since 1885, Rombach & Haas since 1894, Family Kammerer since 1937, Engstler Clocks since 1952 and Anton Schneider since 1848.

In our store in Passau we have over 100 clocks . Our motto is quality and not quantity; we have the full range of Black Forest clock models, from carved hunting clocks, over Chalet clocks to the modern models. Clocks in every shape and size for every taste. All of the clocks are handmade and certified by the VDS (the association of the Black Forest clock makers). Our clock makers have Service stations around the world and many in the USA; together with our after sales service you can rest assured that we follow your clock until it arrives and are always available to ensure that every customer has a working and satisfying clock.

We also have a fine range of German beer steins and traditional Christmas gifts in our stores. Heidi, Peter and the team will be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect souvenir from your visit to Germany.

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